For about a year Daniella was a voice on the other end of the phone that called to ask if Merv was still at my shop. And I would lie, saying “Nooo, he left ages ago”, while Merv scrambled around for his car keys. Well it’s hard to remember when she first came for a coffee and asked me to boil her milk (it still hurts every time). A super talented individual with real creative drive and spark (and Instagram doyenne), Daniella is the force behind the Chef’s clothing brand MintedGinger. Together her and Merv work with some of our top chefs (like SA’s only michelin-star chef Jan Hendrik to name but one) so the product is aways stunning. And when she’s not doing that, Daniella moonlights as my personal photographer, copy editor and brand mouthpiece to the restaurant world.

check it on Insta: @mintedgingerwear

Double espresso, screaming hot milk. (Eina)