Garth Holmes. What a classic. You know the grandfather from Little Miss Sunshine (sorry, for the grandfather reference), well that’s Garth. To me anyway. Everyone needs an uncle like Garth. A guy whose gonna tell you whats what, without the filters; who seems to have lived so many lives his mere presence seems incredulous; and where an hour of retrospection leaves you both exhausted and exhilarated for the potential of your own journey. From the dusty armpit of Krugersdorp with 9 siblings to the squats of London, through to becoming a restauranteur and eventually a founding member of AFDA. What the hell is next??? And then there’s the Holmes Hair. Garth gets here before the doors open and for about 20 minutes we trawl the musical legacy of a ‘misspent’ youth. The pleasure’s all mine.

2 Flat Whites. Seamlessly presented.