Anton is one of the most respected surfboard shapers in the country. He even has a really swanky movie made by award-winning german filmmakers to prove it. You know, the type of film that makes you wonder what it must be like to be someone else – a better, more inspired version of yourself, filled with an inexhaustible passion for one’s work ( But I’ve learnt over the years that the coffee and surfboard industries have something in common. A really long, dark winter. So I invite you, around 10:30 on any given July morning, to come chew the fat with Anton and I, while we wonder the f*&^ we’re doing. But when summer comes and the swallows pull in for some surf, you can go next door and watch this man work his magic. Well actually you can’t. Unless you’re willing to risk lung disease. Just follow him on Instagram @ferral_surfboards or

Flat White dash of honey.